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“docomo Wi-Fi for visitors”
Conditions for Provision of Service【translation】

Service outline

“docomo Wi-Fi for visitors” is a domestic prepaid public Wi-Fi service provided by NTT DOCOMO, INC.

(Conditions for Provision of Service)

Article 1:
The Conditions for Provision of Service outlines the terms of use of “docomo Wi-Fi for visitors” service (hereinafter referred to as "the Service”), a prepaid public wireless local area network (LAN) service, in accordance with the “Contract Clause for Wireless IP Telecommunications Network Service” established by NTT DOCOMO, INC. (hereinafter referred to as “DOCOMO”) when DOCOMO and the customer enter into a contract (hereinafter referred to as “the Contract”). The customer can start using the Service by agreeing to the “Contract Clause for Wireless IP Telecommunications Network Service” and the Conditions for Provision of Service.
  • 2See the DOCOMO website for details on “Contract Clause for Wireless IP Telecommunications Network Service”.
  • 3The Conditions for Provision of Service shall be concluded in Japanese with the Japanese version serving as the authentic copy and any translations into other languages shall possess no legal binding power whatsoever.

(Specific use of service)

Article 2:
The Service can be used in combination with a specific coupon code, software application or service provided by DOCOMO or DOCOMO’s partner company (the combination is hereinafter referred to as “Specific use of service”).
  • 2For each Specific use of service, the application method, initial service settings, available hours, charges, etc. shall be subject to the conditions stipulated in the Conditions for Provision of Service and other conditions stipulated by DOCOMO and/or partner companies.

(Application method)

Article 3:
To use the Service, the applicant must enter items required by DOCOMO on the Application Page of the DOCOMO service website.
  • 2When applying for the Service, the applicant must select a plan stipulated in Article 8.
  • 3When applying for the Service, the applicant must pay charges using the settlement method designated by DOCOMO.

(Approval of application for Contract)

Article 4:
DOCOMO determines whether to establish a contract with the applicant based on standards established by DOCOMO.
  • 2If DOCOMO decides to establish a contract of the Service, it activates a customer ID issued to the customer.
  • 3DOCOMO will not provide the Service in the following cases:
  • (1) If the customer neglected to pay charges to DOCOMO required by the Contract or there is concern this may occur;
  • (2) If DOCOMO determines that the customer ID was, or may have been, acquired through illicit means;
  • (3) If the customer violates terms or conditions of the Contract or Contract Clause for Wireless IP Telecommunications Network Service, or the Service is suspended or the Contract is cancelled;
  • (4) If the customer hinders DOCOMO from performing its business.

(Service areas)

Article 5:
DOCOMO displays service areas of the Service on the DOCOMO website. However, the Service may be unavailable, even within service areas, in locations where radio waves are weak.
  • 2In some parts of service areas, communication is only possible during certain periods or hours of the day.

(Terms of communications)

Article 6:
The communications protocol for the Service complies with IEEE802.11a, IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.g, IEEE802.11n or IEEE802.11ac.
  • 2There may be circumstances where it is not possible to use the communications protocol stipulated in the above section depending on the operational zone.
  • 3The transmission rate of the code pertaining to the Service shall vary according to the circumstances of communications.

(Service Start Procedures)

Article 7:
To start using the Service, the customer must carry out certain procedures (hereinafter referred to as “Service Start Procedures”) based on methods stipulated by DOCOMO.
  • 2The customer must carry out the Service Start Procedures within 150 days (hereinafter referred to as “the Service Start Procedures Time Period”) of receiving the customer ID from DOCOMO (or 150 days of the partner company receiving the Customer ID from DOCOMO in the case of Specific use of service) or the customer ID will expire and the Service cannot be used.

(Length of service)

Article 8:
Depending on the plan selected by the customer, and stipulated by the customer ID, the Service can be used for the length of time indicated in the following table.
Category Hours when transmission is possible
One-day plan 24-hour period starting from the conclusion of the Service Start Procedures
One-week plan 168-hour period starting from the conclusion of the Service Start Procedures
Three-week plan 504-hour period starting from the conclusion of the Service Start Procedures

(Restrictions on communication use)

Article 9:
In the event of an emergency (such as a natural disaster), a drastic rise in network congestion, telecommunication equipment repairs, or illicit service usage, DOCOMO may restrict or suspend the Service.

(Communication equipment used)

Article 10:
The Service uses communication equipment that is approved by DOCOMO and conforms to Japanese laws and regulations.


Article 11:
The charges for the Service are listed in the Table of Charges.

(Customer obligations concerning usage)

Article 12:
The customer shall comply with the following items.
  • (1) The customer shall not engage in acts which interfere with the provision of the Service.
  • (2) The customer shall not use the Service in a manner which infringes the copyright or other rights of other persons, runs counter to public order and morals, runs counter to laws and regulations, or harms the interests of other persons.
  • (3) The customer is responsible for handling his or her customer ID and other matters pertaining to the Service.

(Cancellation of the Contract)

Article 13:
DOCOMO may cancel the Contract if the Customer fails to comply with the Conditions for Provision of Service or Contract Clause for Wireless IP Telecommunications Network Service.

(Exemption from liability)

Article 14:
DOCOMO bears no responsibility whatsoever for any damages caused by use of the Service.
However, DOCOMO shall compensate the customer for the Service unavailability of 24 hours or longer caused by DOCOMO (in accordance with a relevant contract clause).
  • 2In addition to the provisions of the previous paragraph, DOCOMO bears no responsibility for any dispute between the customer and any DOCOMO partner company concerning Specific use of service.


Article 15:
DOCOMO shall provide notifications regarding the Service to the customer by means determined by DOCOMO.

(Privacy policy)

Article 16:
DOCOMO's policy for handling personal customer information (hereinafter referred to as “the Privacy Policy”) shall be made public on its website []

(Personal information)

Article 17:
DOCOMO shall use personal information obtained from applicants regarding the Contract and customers of the Service to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes listed below and in the Privacy Policy.
  • (1) For the purposes of providing and maintaining the Service, of calculating and requesting charges and for tasks connected with these activities;
  • (2) For the purpose of issuing notifications of information that is required for using the Service, such as the customer ID;
  • (3) For the purposes of analysis of the state of the Contract pertaining to the Service, analysis of various measures and measuring the effects of said measures in order to implement said measures, analysis of new services programs, analysis with the objective of improving service quality and customer service, and other types of analysis/surveys.
  • 2DOCOMO shall provide the settlement agency with all settlement and service charge information pertaining to the Service.

(Agreed jurisdiction)

Article 18:
If litigation between the customer and DOCOMO becomes necessary regarding the Contract, the court of the first instance shall be the Tokyo District Court.

(Applicable laws)

Article 19:
The formation, force, interpretation and execution of the Contract shall be determined in accordance with the laws of Japan.

Table of Charges

General principles

(Method of calculating charges, etc.)
  • 1The Table of Charges shall include charges that exclude Japanese consumption tax (hereinafter referred to as “before-tax amounts”) and charges that include Japanese consumption tax (hereinafter referred to as “the after-tax amounts”) based on the provisions of the Local Tax Act.
(Payment of charges)
  • 2The customer shall pay the flat-rate charges in Japanese yen using the settlement method determined by DOCOMO at the time of applying for the Contract.
Flat-Rate Charges
Per single contract
Category Charge
One-day plan Before-tax amount: 360 yen (388 yen inclusive of tax)
One-week plan Before-tax amount: 900 yen (972 yen inclusive of tax)
Three-week plan Before-tax amount: 1,300 yen (1,404 yen inclusive of tax)

Supplementary provision
This Conditions for Provision of Service shall come into effect from 30 March 2017.